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Hangzhou Runhua New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.: Leading a new trend in the silicone oil paper industry

2024-06-06 14:37:38

Technological innovation leads the development of the industry


In the large-roll silicone oil paper industry, Hangzhou Runhua New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Runhua Technology") has successfully led the development direction of the industry with its outstanding technological innovation capabilities. Runhua Technology has always adhered to the concept of "technology is the first productive force". Through continuous technological research and development and innovation, it has launched a series of high-quality silicone oil paper products that are ahead of the market in terms of performance and environmental protection.

Continuous research and development and innovation to improve product performance


Runhua Technology's R&D team consists of a group of experienced experts and engineers who have an in-depth understanding of the production process and application of silicone oil paper. During the research and development process, the team constantly explores new materials and new technologies to improve the performance of silicone oil paper. For example, by optimizing the formula and process of silicone oil coating, silicone oil paper has better oil and water resistance, while improving its high temperature resistance and durability.
In addition to performance improvement, Runhua Technology also focuses on product diversification and expansion of application areas. The silicone oil paper products launched by the company cover food packaging, baking paper, pharmaceutical packaging and other fields, meeting the needs of different customers. For example, in order to meet the high standards of the food industry for packaging materials, Runhua Technology has specially developed a food-grade silicone oil paper, which is not only oil-proof and waterproof, but also ensures the safety and freshness of food.

Advanced equipment and technology to ensure product quality


In the process of technological innovation, Runhua Technology has also introduced a series of advanced production equipment and processes to ensure the high quality and efficient production of products. The company has adopted the world's leading coating equipment and automated production lines to achieve refined management and control of the production process. These advanced equipment not only improves production efficiency, but also greatly reduces resource waste and environmental pollution in the production process.
The production process of Runhua Technology is also an important part of its technological innovation. By continuously optimizing the production process, Runhua Technology has not only improved the consistency and stability of its products, but also effectively reduced production costs. For example, in the silicone oil coating process, the company adopts a unique coating process to make the silicone oil coating uniform and firm, ensuring the excellent performance of silicone oil paper.

Strengthen R&D investment to maintain technological leadership


In order to maintain its technological leadership, Runhua Technology spares no effort in R&D investment. The company invests a considerable part of its sales revenue into R&D every year for the development of new products and the improvement of existing products. At the same time, Runhua Technology also actively cooperates with well-known scientific research institutions and universities at home and abroad to carry out cutting-edge technology research and application development. This cooperation not only brings the latest technology and concepts to the company, but also cultivates a group of high-quality R&D talents.
In Runhua Technology's technology innovation strategy, intellectual property protection is also a top priority. The company has established a complete intellectual property management system to protect its innovative achievements by applying for patents and registering trademarks. Up to now, Runhua Technology has a number of national patents, which not only enhance the company's market competitiveness, but also inject new vitality into the development of the industry.

Transformation of innovative achievements to promote industry progress


Runhua Technology's technological innovation has not only brought development opportunities to the company itself, but also brought positive impacts to the entire silicone oil paper industry. The company's innovative achievements have been widely used in actual production, promoting the industry's technological progress and standard improvement. For example, the environmentally friendly silicone oil paper products launched by Runhua Technology have set an environmental protection benchmark for the industry and promoted the entire industry to develop in a green and sustainable direction.
In addition, Runhua Technology also actively participates in the formulation and revision of industry standards, and helps improve the overall technical level of the industry by sharing its own technology and experience. The company also regularly holds technical exchanges and training activities to discuss technical problems and development trends with peers in the industry and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the silicone oil paper industry.