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Runhua Launches New High-Performance Baking Paper Products


May 16, 2024 - Runhua Company officially unveils its latest series of high-performance baking paper products today. Designed to meet a variety of needs for both home and professional baking, these new products boast several innovative features and environmental advantages.


Product Features

1. Premium Materials: Runhua baking paper is coated with food-grade silicone oil, ensuring no harmful substances are released during high-temperature baking. Its high heat resistance allows it to perform excellently in baking processes, withstanding temperatures of up to 230 degrees Celsius without deforming or burning.


2. Environmental Design: In terms of environmental friendliness, Runhua baking paper utilizes biodegradable and recyclable paper materials, reducing its impact on the environment. This feature makes it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious consumers.


3. Versatile Applications: Runhua baking paper is not only suitable for various baking needs such as cakes, cookies, and bread but also can be used for grilling and microwave heating. Its non-stick properties ensure that food does not stick during the baking process and is easy to clean.


4. Multiple Sizes: To meet the needs of different users, Runhua baking paper offers a variety of sizes and specifications suitable for both home baking enthusiasts and large bakeries.

Market Outlook


The marketing manager of Runhua Company stated, "With the increasing demand from consumers for high-quality, environmentally friendly, and multifunctional baking products, we believe that this new series of baking paper will gain wide market recognition. Runhua is committed to providing customers with the best baking solutions, meeting consumers' various needs through continuous innovation and improving product quality."


Customer Feedback

Early users of Runhua's new baking paper have provided positive feedback, with many professional bakers and home baking enthusiasts highly appreciating its excellent non-stick properties and high-temperature resistance. One professional baker remarked, "Runhua baking paper not only makes my baking work easier, but its environmental features also give me peace of mind during use."

Runhua's new series of baking paper is now available at major supermarkets and baking supply stores and is sold through the official Runhua online platform.

For more details, please visit the Runhua Company website: Runhua Baking Paper Product Details.