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Perforated Steamer Paper Type

Perforated steamer paper is a kitchen utensil specifically designed for steaming food. Its main function is to prevent direct contact between food and the steamer, thereby maintaining its cleanliness and preventing food from sticking. The design of perforated steamer paper is unique, and the small holes on it allow steam to pass smoothly, allowing food to be evenly heated and better preserving its nutritional content and original flavor.


    Product Description

    Perforated steamer paper is made of food grade materials, which are safe and non-toxic, and can be used with confidence. Its surface is smooth and not easy to stick to food. After use, you only need to gently pull out the steamer paper and the food on it, which is both convenient and hygienic. In addition, perforated steamer paper also has good heat resistance, which can maintain stability in high-temperature steam without cracking or deformation.

    The size of perforated steamer paper is usually designed to be slightly larger than that of a steamer, which can better cover the steamer and prevent food juices from seeping into it. At the same time, the edge of perforated steamer paper usually has a circle without holes, which can prevent steam from directly escaping from the edge, ensuring that steam can evenly pass through the holes in the paper, allowing food to receive even heat.

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    Perforated steamer paper is not only suitable for households, but also widely used in restaurants and food processing industries. It can be used to steam steamed buns, Mantou, glutinous rice chicken and other foods, and is an indispensable item in the kitchen. Using perforated steamer paper not only makes food more delicious, but also greatly saves time and labor in cleaning steamers.

    Overall, perforated steamer paper is a practical, hygienic, and convenient kitchen item. Its appearance greatly facilitates our cooking process, allowing us to focus more on enjoying the fun brought by delicious food. Whether you are a cooking enthusiast or a professional chef, perforated steamer paper will be a powerful assistant in your kitchen.


    Perforated steamer paper for silicone oil paper is a paper product used for cooking food, which has the following characteristics:
    ● It is made of double-sided silicone oil coated paper, which has the advantages of being non stick, moisture-proof, waterproof, oil resistant, steamed, baked, heat-resistant, and can be reused several times.
    ● It is produced according to the US FDA food standard process, 100% pure pulp, fluorescent free, pollution-free, environmentally friendly, and free of secondary pollution.
    ● Its paper has a clear and transparent color, strong anti stickiness, isolates food from steamers, maintains food cleanliness and hygiene, and there is no need to worry about difficult cleaning of steamers.
    ● Its porous position is hollowed out, making it easier for heat to penetrate the steamer and paper, fully walking the entire steamer space, evenly and comprehensively heating, and the holes are complete and beautiful.
    ● It can be customized in size and shape, such as square, octagonal, connecting, paper cup, etc., to meet the requirements of food enterprises.
    ● It can also have circular water droplets on the paper surface in contact with food, allowing the water droplets to stick together with the food, preventing the pad paper from falling off during the quick freezing process, and it is convenient and easy to tear, without affecting the appearance of the bottom of the bun.
    In short, perforated steamer paper made of silicone oil paper is an excellent paper product for steaming and cooking food. It can improve the quality and hygiene of food, save time and cost, increase the beauty and attractiveness of food, and is a good choice for food enterprises and consumers.

    Specifications (inches) Diameter(mm)
    3.5 89
    4 102
    4.5 114
    5 127
    5.5 140
    6 152
    6.5 165
    7 178
    Specifications (inches) Diameter(mm)
    7.5 190
    8 203
    8.5 215
    9 229
    9.5 240
    10 245
    10.5 267
    11 280